What can we do to help the nature?

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What kind of experience can raise people’s awareness to the environment issue? You may say, environmental documentaries, environmental articles, but to what extent? Most films can turn their audiences into activists.

let's help nature 


As time goes, people tend to not care if they don't feel close to the issue at hand. Environmental films can help audiences feel close to nature, but do you know what makes them feel even closer? Engaging with nature!


A good environmental film should leave the viewer asking What can I do? Well, what can you do? Let's have some small changes that you can make in your everyday life that would help the environment enormously if every participated.

we can help nature


  • If everyone participated to help save on water instead of running the faucet constantly. Use a container to wash dishes or vegetables.

newyes - help nature by saving water 


  • Keep the fridge door closed, the longer it stays open, the harder it has to workto stay cool. So know what you want to get before you pull the door.

 newyes - help nature by closing the fridge door


  • Be sure to run your washer only when you have a full load and only use hot water when necessary.

 newyes - help nature by using the washer when it's full


  • To help conserve on energy, if you plan to leave the room for over 15 minutes, turn off TV, lights and air conditioner, because air conditioner cool people not rooms.

newyes - help nature - turn off the lights when not use 


  • Dumping oil fat and grease down the drain can contaminate our drinking water. Instead, put the fat in a jar until it gets full and then dispose of it properly.


  • Recycling helps reduce pollution caused by waste. Recycling cans, class bottles and cardboard helps me reduce my waste from one trash bag a day to one trash bag a week.

newyes - help nature - recycle the waste 


  • Don't litter. Litter can wash into a storm drain and pollute our drinking water. If you see litter, take it up. Don't just ignore the problem.

newyes - help nature - don't litter 


  • Although some disposable bottles canbe recycled. While switching to reusable water bottle to help reduce waste and the use of resources, and it will also help you save $200 a year.

newyes - help nature - use reusable water bottle 


  • You can recycle plastic bags by taking them back to the grocery store. Otherwise, you can use reusable grocery bags.


  • Less car, more walking or riding can help reduce the amount of cars on the road and less carbon in the air. This will help the land, water and air cleaner.

 newyes - help nature by less car more walking


I know this sounds like a lot, but they're doable things. The trick is getting everyone to work together. I give you a challenge. Make a couple of these changes in your everyday life and see how easy it is once it becomes a routine. You may save some money, feel a little better about yourself, and maybe one day save the planet if you can make a difference. You should, because this is our home.

make a change


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