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SyncPen - NEWYES 2nd Generation Smart Pen

No matter how advanced artificial intelligence may be, people still get emotional about handwriting, which nothing can truly replace. In order to continue handwriting, and improve the experience of digital handwriting, the ‘smart’ pen is becoming more and more popular.
To meet demand, there are many smart pens of different quality on the market. If you want a good quality smart pen, it can be very expensive. If you want a cheap one, it is often not smart nor convenient.
The NEWYES SyncPen is different. It feels like an ordinary pen. We believe that a true smart pen should feel like any other regular pen. The NEWYES SyncPen also comes with several special functions and all at a very reasonable price.
Last year, we launched the first version of the NEWYES first smart pen and it came huge success. Over 700 customers helped us bring it to life! We are so grateful that so many people supported and enjoy our products. It also gave us the courage and energy to make more progress.
After all the hard work, we would like to introduce you to the upgraded second edition of our NEWYES SyncPen.
We guarantee that the NEWYES SyncPen is your best choice if:
  • ✔ you have trouble switching between writing traditional notes and electronic editable notes
  • ✔  you struggle with converting hand-drawn design drafts into electronic drafts
  • ✔ you find it difficult to organize your notes and find them
  • ✔  you are a huge fan of handwriting or the paperless concept
And more!    
The SyncPen is not just a smart pen but an artificial intelligence writing system. There is a hidden micro camera inside the pen (with the lens recognition speed and ability to capture more than 200 frames per second) which is used for scanning the dot matrix coordinates of the notebook (or LCD pad) in real time, and completing the writing trajectory positioning and transmission to our app.
With our LCD pad and notebook set, you can easily synchronize everything you write (on paper, or on LCD pad) to our app at anytime and anywhere. You can even upload your content to the cloud to make sure you can find all your notes when needed.
In the past, all smart pens, including our first edition NEWYES smart pen, asked users to hold the pen in a specific angle while writing so as to capture writing trajectory. Our second edition NEWYES SyncPen is compatible with all pen holding habits.
What’s more, with 1024 pressure levels, the pen allows you to perfectly and precisely sketch and draw.  The writing experience is fluid, precise and easy!
Normally, for most smart pens, if you want to connect it with a device, you need to press on button for a few seconds which is inconvenient. With our latest NEWYES SyncPen, you don’t need to do anything but remove the pen cap, which is exactly the same as what you do using an ordinary pen.
For the purpose of going paperless, we work hard on the performance of our LCD pad. You can take notes on our LCD pad without wasting a single sheet of paper. And when you finish your work, you just need to tip (“√”) then delete the screen. You’re able to start a new page while your last page is now saved. All even could be done without the need to carry the phone.
In the past, you could only change the color and thickness of the handwriting notes in the app. With this upgrade, we added a ribbon at the bottom of the LCD pad where you can change color and line thickness. Again, without even touching the app!
You might wonder if the LCD pad could send an email? Yes!
When you finish writing, touch the “email” icon. The page will be sent to preset email address.
With all of these, you can sketch, write, or draw on the LCD pad over and over again without wasting paper. Great for you, and even better for the environment!
You can add several voice memos to your notes by tapping the “play” and “pause” icons on the LCD pad and it will be linked to your notes automatically. It’s easy to delete any voice memos if you need to, and it works the same in the app.
Actually, it is not always necessary to keep your phone nearby when you’re writing, because the NEWYES SyncPen can store up to 800 pages of notes while offline. As soon as you connect with the app, the NEWYES Syncpen will transfer them to the NEWYES Note app immediately.
Supported by industry-leading technology, your handwritten content can easily become editable text. The NEWYES NOTE app comes with handwriting recognition that not only recognizes up to 66 languages, but also chemistry equations and mathematical formulas.
I bet you have had trouble finding your previous notes. The NEWYES NOTE app has solved that problem.
You can tag your notes for better well-organized classification. Also, you have the ability to find your notes by searching by keywords.
With the NEWYES Note app, you can easily export your notes to Microsoft Word, plain text, Adobe PDF, JPG image, MP4 video and more!  
Have you ever wanted to save your fresh new ideas, but you’ve lost your original copy or find it difficult to store it? With the NEWYES SyncPen, your notes and ideas can be automatically uploaded to your preferred cloud storage such as Evernote, OneNote. (We will unlock more cloud service for following months)
What's more, you can also share your notes in social media.
The NEWYES NOTE app is able to play back your notes and ideas. You can even share them with others and allow multiple people to “see” and “hear” the process of your thoughts at once.
Our OCR (character recognition) function has been updated so that, through the NEWYES NOTE app you can recognize the text in pictures and convert it to plain editable text in seconds.
Yes, the NEWYES NOTE app will offer you the basic functions, like highlight text, changing the font, color and thickness, replace page backgrounds, blank or grid pattern and so on.

One more exciting feature!

With development of NEWYES technology, teachers and students, people who lives different places can easily achieve online teaching with Syncpen. It is also a great meeting tool for home office users.

Thank you!!

Last year, we raised funding for our first smart pen, meanwhile we also received plenty of useful suggestions from our backers on improvement tips, which give us the inspiration to make it better. Thanks all! And we will be looking forward to all of our backers new ideas about our latest product!

A bit about us

For over 8 years, we have made it our goal to create and provide more and more paperless products.
All funds we raised, and those raised in the future, will be spent on improving the artificial intelligence writing system and making our products more user friendly and, more importantly, integrating paperless products into your daily life.
For those people who are willing to support us, we promise that we will provide you with the excellent pre-sale and post-sale service you expect. If you have any questions or you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us! We will solve any problem as soon as we can!
We are so grateful for your support and it is extremely important for us. There’s no doubt that it’s the major motivation that keeps us going!
It has been a long story with a lot of tears but also a lot of joy. We want this to be the story of you and us. Let’s get paperless together!


  • Which languages support the ocr? Is the Greek language among them?

    George Chatzizisis on

  • Hi, thanks for your message. Whe’re all in this together ! How or when will we know if the initial bidding is enough to remain in the category ? Being Disabled, some days pain’s too high to write then recording would be perfect and no matter the condition it would fit the situation : half reclined, sitting, during therapy, etc…..GREAT!!! As for the Extra color, I’d go with Red ! Such a practical device shouldn’t go un noticed but call for questions !!!! Best Wishes from France . Pomme

    Anne Thissen on

  • Are you guys shipping these still?

    Samantha Livermore on

  • Como lo puedo obtener

    Benito Muñoz on

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