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When parents are staying with the annoying children
Usually they will get tired and mad
This will make the children's values ​​drift farther
If parents could spend more time talking and playing with the children
Children will go right and go far
Then the family will be full of laugher and happiness
And there are three "hidden rules" within the happy family
The best family style to deal with the children is: Do not blame
There is an old saying goes like this:
The kite is usually afraid of heights
But he trust the person who holds him.
So do not blame when the kids make mistakes or mess something up
They are just like the kites, when you give them more free
They will fly higher while earn more security
Parents without boundaries, children will lack happiness
When you give them more freedom to make their own choices
It will be possible for them to live the life they long for.
The best way for parents and children to get along well is that
You have your own world, they also have their own space
Just let the children’s creativity and thoughts flow
Children will become more excellent as they feel accompanied by parents
Good education is inseparable from "companion"
Real high quality companionship is that
Caring for the children's body and mind
And grow with them!
So how to offer high quality companionship for the children?
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who knows how to be grateful and delightful about life
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