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NEWYES smart notebook is waterproof and recyclable. It's good on the resources. It can be used for classes, for taking notes. Also for business people who might be taking notes at conferences.  

 smart notebook

We receive customers’ emails time to time asking the difference of each notebook and how to select a correct one to fit her/his need, so in this blog, we will introduce the full collection of NEWYES smart notebook.


Material - The paper looks very typical, but the texture is very different. It almost feels like a film or plastic. It's a very silky smooth. It doesn't tear as easily because it's just that it's almost like a plastic piece. 

 NEWYES Smart Notebook paper

Style - We mainly have two styles of smart notebook, one is PU cover, another is plastic cover. Let’s begin with the Plastic cover, it’s hard cover and not easy to scratch, mostly are black, while A5 size has three more colors, gray, blue and navy blue. The PU notebook has very stylish cover and feels soft, we have total 2 size for PU notebook, one is A6 only black, another is A5, which has 4 different color options, all-black, joint options - light brown and dark brown; green and black; pink and blue.

  NEWYES Smart Notebook

NEWYES Smart Notebook Collections


Size and format - Four sizes available B5, A7, A6, A5, A4 - letter size. A7 and A5 size only have one kind of page format, half wide lined and half dotted pages; while A6 and A4 - letter size have 3 page formats, full college ruled pages, full graph grid and full dotted. For detailed specifications, you can refer to the listing page.

paper format  


Every NEWYES smart notebook comes with NEWYES pen, it's a very thin pen, and this particular pen is special because it has an erasable ink that works well with this plastic type of paper. It's a very fine pen tip. It has this nice grip on it. Very easy to write and scribble without having to apply too much pressure. But it takes a few seconds to completely dry. And on the other side of the pen there is an eraser rubber tip, you apply a little bit of pressure and afterwards you're able to essentially erase what you've written because of the special paper.

 newyes pen

You can also use hair drier to blow the pages to erase the notes, this is suitable for erase the whole page even the whole notebook.

 erase notes

It is quite a neat concept that you can just you erase everything when you're done. And then what you want to keep you scan using the app. The app is NEWYES NOTE, which is compatible with both IOS and Android device, the app is very powerful and free, I will show the details of the APP and guide you to explore the useful features of the APP in next blog.

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