Newyes Kickstarter Project - The Coolest Paperless and Digitized Notebook Set

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Newyes started the crowfunding project for our brand new product "The coolest paperless and digitized notebook set "on Kickstarter at 8th,May,2019. Within these two days, we have received 222 backers and pledged $22261 to support our project. This project will last for 45days till 22th,June,2019, so we still have 43days to go! We would be highly appreciated for you to go and check our project at, as well as making a pledge to support us! We sincerely welcome you to be an early bird, to try this smart set!

We have created the first smart pen writing system AI Write C1, which has received positive response in the Asian market. Last year, we made further breakthroughs in paperless innovation on the intelligent writing system. Now we are proud to introduce the new Syncpen series. With many years of effort, NEWYES now possesses an experienced, dedicated and professional Research and Development Team. With the expertise and profound up-to-date knowledge about the liquid crystal display and polymer materials, we provide our clients a set of comprehensive solutions including high Quality products, excellent pre-sale and post-sale service. We are also retaining a strong customer relationship both at home and abroad.

Newyes is pretty much the world's coolest Syncpen, E-tablet and notebook set that can be seamlessly switch between paper and paperless writing. How cool is that!

Whether you’re taking notes in a journal or doodling on an electronic tablet, Newyes Instantly mirrors your content on your phone or pad and store them on the cloud ! ! ! With both the paper and paperless mode you can switch back and forth easily!

If you need a pen,  tablet and notebook that can record your notes, thoughts and inspiration anytime, anywhere.  The Newyes is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The Newyes isn’t just a smart pen. It’s an unprecedented intelligent handwriting system.  It works with paper or your electronic tablet and has a specially designed algorithm with a unique micro dot pattern and build in camera that captures the exact location of everything you write and draw! Newyes is revolutionizing everything we know. Now you can sketch, write or draw on the same tablet again and again without wasting paper. Capture every version or iteration in the digital cloud!

Features & Strong Point:

1.Precise Synchronization(Quick response)

The Newyes Syncpen incorporates new technologies like we’ve never seen before. It has a built-in camera with the lens recognition speed and ability to capture more than 200 frames per second.Newyes Syncpen also adjusts perfectly to the pressure you apply!  With 1024 pressure levels, the pen allows you to perfectly and precisely sketch and draw.  It’s perfect for artists!

Bluetooth 4.2 gives you more efficient wireless transmission without losing your notes.The bottom line is that this new technology beats any other smart pen hands down. The writing is fluid, precise and easy.  And then it’s all captured digitally as well!

2.Auto power on & off

No need to turn Newyes Syncpen on manually.  Simply take it out of your bag and start writing.  It’s that simple. Easy to use when you need to take a QUICK note! Conveniently powers off when unused for 20 minutes and won’t run out of batteries if you leave it on.  However, the Newyes Syncpen is also equipped with an on/off switch that allows you to manually switch the pen on or off if needed.

3.Offline storage & Newyes note+APP

With Syncpen you can store up to 800 pages of notes and copy them over to the Newyes note + app whenever you connect. The free Newyes note+ app is available on your phone and tablet (iOS 9.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above).

4.Save everything in the format you need

With the Newyes Note+ App, you can easily export your notes to the PDF, JPG (can be saved to mobile photo album), TXT, MP4 and more!  

5.Handwriting recognition (recognize as many as 71 languages)

Supported by industry-leading myscript technology, the Newyes note+ app comes with handwriting recognition that recognizes up to 71 languages. Your handwritten content will intelligently generate editable text. And with the Newyes note + app, you can also search for handwritten keywords.  It makes it easy to search your records to find whatever you want whenever you want!

6.Cloud sharing anytime, anywhere

Stop taking pictures or scribbling notes on a napkin to share with someone.  Now you can quickly share notes and ideas with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and email.

7.Audio recording

In addition to easily taking notes with your Newyes note+ app, you can also add a voice memo to your notes by clicking the Newyes note+ app record audio button and using the microphone on your tablet or smartphone. Your recording will be linked to your notes so it’s easy to go back after the fact and listen to the conference or lecture to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

8.Note playback

Newyes note+ App can detect your handwriting and play back your notes and ideas.  This is great for sharing with others and allowing multiple people to “hear” your notes at once instead of one person at a time reading them. 

9. Eight hours of writing time

Newyes Syncpen uses the latest Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy) technology, allowing you to enjoy faster connection speeds. 1.5 hours of full charge will allow you to write for 8 hours!  And with the integrated standby mode, Snycpen can often last a week or more on one charge if you’re not constantly writing.

10.Edit and search in Newyes note

If you want to delete or edit some notes, it's easy to do in the Newyes+ app.

Newyes+app lets you:

⦁ Highlight text: You change the font, color and thickness

⦁ Replace page background: blank or grid

⦁ Quick search: Add titles, tags, handwritten keywords, etc.

⦁ Easily delete text or images

11. Comfortable and lightweight

Newyes Syncpen is light and comfortable in your hand.  The shell is made of aluminum alloy and the ultra-light triangle cone design is the same size as the ballpoint pen. The design lets you comfortably write for hours at a time!

No need to turn Newyes Syncpen on manually. Simply take it out of your bag and start writing.  It’s that simple. Easy to use when you need to take a QUICK note! Conveniently powers off when unused for 20 minutes and won’t run out of batteries if you leave it on.  However, the Newyes Syncpen is also equipped with an on/off switch that allows you to manually switch the pen on or off if needed.

12.Stretch goal

Newyes comes in two stylish colors: available in Blue/Black and will be available in Red/Silver when we reach out stretch goal. Pick your favorite style and color of pen.  New colors are in the works and will be available soon as well!

This new smart writing system is years of research, testing and development in the making and we are releasing our best product yet!

And the best part about our company is we don’t stop at the sale of our products.  We provide excellent pre-sale and post-sale service because we are looking to build customers for life!

Our goal is to be the leading provider or paperless smart products, and we’ve put a team together to do exactly that!  Try our products today and see for yourself how useful and convenient they can be!

Let’s go paperless!

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