NEWYES End of Year Celebration

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Every year at the end of the Lunar Calendar, all Chinese companies have annual celebrations to express their thankfulness for the past year and to be able to wish each other happiness in the upcoming New Year. Some companies have a yearly dinner; some will go traveling, it merely depends on the company. Last year, the NEWYES team went to one of our colleague’s wedding.  This year, we chose to travel from January 17th to January 19th

The annual celebration party was full of fun!  Every department had to prepare a talent show.  We had a small skit, guitar playing, singing, and dancing. I have to praise the singers; they sang “Confession Balloons.”  The song is a trendy and romantic song sang by Jay Chou, who is a very famous singer in China. Many young generations are using this song to be the music in which they propose marriage.  Six girls in our company chorused this song with six different languages, including Chinese, English, Germany, French, Japanese, and lastly Cantonese. It was so beautiful that some colleagues had tears in their eyes.  

In the celebration, we also had a gift exchange and a lucky draw! Alan took home the grand prize! Of course, we were all so jealous!

There’s one BEST SALESPERSON reward this year; the winner is Leonie.  Though she just graduated in 2018, she received the best sales this year, as she is in charge of the markets for Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Her sales volume is almost three times last year’s.  We’re so proud of her!

During the three days of our annual celebration, we also had other activities, such as climbing a mountain, walking across the glass bridge (You read correctly, the bridge is glass!), taking a hot springs bath, taking a boat trip, playing games, etc. We enjoyed this trip a lot!

We’re grateful for what we have now, and we’re confident to build a better NEWYES in 2019!

NEWYES End of Year CelebrationNEWYES End of Year CelebrationNEWYES End of Year CelebrationNEWYES End of Year CelebrationNEWYES End of Year CelebrationNEWYES End of Year Celebration


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