What’s the use and benefit of reusable sticky notes?

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Everyone would loves post-its, as it's super practical, jot down a note then check your list, it gives you peace of mind with better organization. While it's wasteful too, as it is usually used for temporary tasks, after you get the jobs done, you throw them out later in the day or week



Somebody would loves sticky notes, as it has tabs, it achieve the function of the post-its, but also good at index. You can easily find out the pages you need with the tab.

  Reusable Sticky Notes


Our product, NEWYES sticky notes combine post-its and sticky notes, there're 3 small pads in one book, with tabs and without tabs. The tabs would help you quickly find the note without turning every page. 

And it is reusable and recycle, this is a revolutionary product that would save thousands of trees, saving the trees from today!

 Reusable Sticky Notes

Use as post-its



For student

I can easily find what I need without flipping through a bunch of different pages or books

 Reusable Sticky Notes tabs

 For office staff

 I use one sheet for each project and keep them in my calendar so I can prioritize and plan.”

 check your list


For house wife

I can do double duty by labeling the recipes I am interested in on the tab AND updating the recipe on the note itself with suggested changes like adding additional spices, etc.”

 Reusable Sticky Notes for cook book


For note taker

I am able to use these in my daily planner to make lists or jot down details.”

add notes to your plan

 For those who reads a lot

These has been saving me from dog-earring my magazines and books.

record your thoughts

Our advantage

1. Strong sticking power

 Test - Each stick then peel off 20 times.

normal sticky note

 Reusable Sticky Notes

For the normal post-its, the stickiness was highly weakened and sticking is not well.

While NEWYES reusable sticky notes is still pretty sticky.

  Reusable Sticky Notes test


2. Easy to peel off

Some normal sticky notes are pretty sticky that the adhesive on these notes tears the paper when you remove them. It leaves behind a residue, too. You have to be very careful.

 normal sticky notes might tear off your page


While our sticky notes have been highly improved, it can be easily peel off but leave nothing to the pages.

  Reusable Sticky Notes won't tear your pages


3. Sturdy

The traditional sticky notes tab would get bent up or worn after a long while, which is very annoying.

easy to damage

The material of our sticky notes is plastic, it's very strong and won't tear off.

 Reusable Sticky Notes for easy check


4. Erasable

The magic of NEWYES sticky notes is that it can be reused. So buying this means not only saving the trees but also saving money.

There are approximately 4-7 billion trees per year cut down from forests to make paper products ranging from paper cups, plates, other paper products, and paper that we write or print on. It's everyone's obligation to save the nature.

  Reusable Sticky Notes


 5. Recycling

The material of NEWYES reusable sticky notes is Polythylene terephthalate, it can be recycle, no worries that it would effect the environment. ♻️♻️♻️♻️

recycle material


Click and try this magic product!

 Reusable Sticky Notes


  • One solution that I would like to highlight is the use of recycled plastics. Companies like Rw tech trade are doing their part by providing a marketplace for buying and selling recycled plastic materials. By supporting this marketplace, we can help promote the use of recycled plastics and reduce our reliance on virgin plastics.

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