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Paper has long been necessity in people’s life for many years. Kids need to practice drawing, students need to write down notes, family member need to leave messages, business people need to write down their to-do lists. Later, as the computer and pad are becoming more and more popular, people start to replace the paper with pad and computer. However, this does not always work. Sometimes they need write something down, to keep the notes portable, handy and easy to review. Then, that is why the LCD writing board appears as a new thing.

LCD writing board is a kind of electronic device that uses high tech flexible liquid crystal technology to display words, patterns and graphics by pressure. The theory that how LCD Writing tablet works all relies on a special type of liquid crystal display (LCD). The device, such as NEWYES LCD Writing Tablet, has a resistive screen. When you put gentle pressure on the screen with a stylus, your finger or any other solid object, the crystals will flow and change into a reflective layer.

It is paperless, eco-friendly and money-saving. Simply with a button to repeatedly erase for over 5000times, you can save more than 5000 papers (one tree). You could only use one-button to erase the screen and rewrite. According to the frequency that you use the button, a battery can last for 1-2years. Usually greenish and colorful note writing both work well. It is designed at a compact size, which is convenient, portable, light-weight, ultra-low energy consumption and eye-protection.

The sizes of regular tablets now vary from 4.5″,8.5″,9″,9.7″,10″,12″,13″ etc. You could choose single greenish or colorful writing notes as you like. And there are different outlooks for you to choose as well, like red, blue, green, white, pink, black, etc. Regarding the appearance, there are some classic styles, some fashionable styles, as well as some kids popular designs. The great benefit of getting one of these boards is that what you would like to use it for is totally up to you. Whether you use it to capture your notes, to draw images, or you want use it to do calculation or chart, then, you will find that this is the perfect products in your daily life.

In 2014, NEWYES made its first LCD writing board. We are always dedicated to explore environmental-friendly products and solutions. We have a professional R&D team, and we have been keeping exploring and improving the quality of our LCD writing board. At the beginning, our lcd writing board is just seemingly simple, and there is not so many colors and sizes for you to choose. However, along with the deep understanding of the requirement from our market and the valuable feedback from our regular customers, we start to widen the range of our writing boards.

We hold the belief to make the world paperless and we are always devoted to paperless products. In comparison to other technology, LCD writing board is ultra-low energy consumption, while still has some great high-tech features. It can help you save notes, share notes, just like a pad! Lcd writing board is changing your writing style quietly, but indeed positively!

Now we would like to recommend you some of our products as below:

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Newyes partial erasable one: https://bit.ly/2Gn4k92

Newyes15inch large one: https://bit.ly/2Uifz6f

Newyes pocket smaller one:https://bit.ly/2PYSQf5

We also have a lot of other models that can be taken as a perfect gift. Please go to our store to find more!

NEWYES now possesses an experienced, dedicated and professional Research and Development Team. With the expertise and profound up-to-date knowledge about the liquid crystal display and polymer materials, we provide our clients a set of comprehensive solutions including high Quality products, excellent pre-sale and post-sale service. We are also retaining a strong customer relationship both at home and abroad. We will keep bringing you more and more paperless products and always make our world PAPERLESS!


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