Is NEWYES Scan Reader Pen a reading pen?

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from dyslexia. These people can't read normally, and the more serious problem about it, it might affect their daily life. To solve this problem, reading pen is invented to help. This article will guide you to know more about reading pen.


What is a reading pen?

Reading pen is a convenient portable tool to support independent reading and literacy.

It is essentially a type of scanning pen that has the extra feature of being able to read text back to you. Simply saying, it’s a pen that reads words and text. It uses optical character recognition (OCR). A small OLED display shows the text the device has recognized before storing it in the pen's memory. 


What is the purpose of reading pen for?

The reading pen is mainly designed for people who have trouble reading.

Today, almost 20% of students are diagnosed as students with reading difficulties such as dyslexia, and many people who are not students also suffer from dyslexia.

These students require a different teaching method, using tools and devices which were designed specifically to teach students with reading difficulties how to read on their own. One of the most common ways to teach students how to read is by having them read out loud from textbooks individually or together in the classroom. So the reading pen at first was designed for students with dyslexia. But now it’s widely used by large groups of people as the reading pen plays a significant role in their lives.


The best reading pens of 2022

There are many brands of reading pens on the market now.

Among them, C-Pen reader is the more well-known reading pen. The C-Pen Reader pen scanner is a major technological breakthrough for those who suffer from reading difficulties such as dyslexia.

Scanmarker is also a very popular reading pen. It can accurately and very efficiently fetch the pieces of texts, words, and sentences, which are of interest and convey the main ideas in an article/book. Simply scan your notes, and instantly hear the text being read back in real-time.


NEWYES Scan Reader Pen – More Than Just a Pen That Reads to You

NEWYES Scan Reader can scan 3000 characters per minute, and the text will be read in real-time after scanning. (The function of ‘Reading while Scanning’ will be out soon.) Real human pronunciation (American and British characteristics) helps to improve listening and speaking skills. Very suitable for people with reading difficulties and other reading difficulties.Besides reading text, it has many other functions such as language translation. It supports 112 languages translation both on voice and text translation which could be your great helper in studying and traveling.


All in all, technically speaking, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen is not a reading pen. Because it’s more focused on translation. But it is still a potential choice in the market. It can read text out loud and can translate languages correctly on a portable size device which is a lifesaver in your daily life. And it’s the price of ONE pen, but a collection of many products. In the next generation of Scan Reader Pen, we will keep upgrading the product and make the best effort to meet every group’s needs.

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