2022 Jan NEWYES Bomb Day

Thank you so much for your interest. Recently we’ve launched a new product- NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3. In order to let more people know about this product, especially for people who learn languages and people with dyslexia know about this product, we hope to collaborate with 5 influencers and let them try this product. We’d like to see these talents to create more possibilities with the Scan Reader Pen 3 by shooting videos. The finnal winner will WIN $500!

*Who will be qualified for the contest?
Any influncers whose followers are over 1k.


*How many influencers will be picked for the event?
5 influencers will be invited to attend the event, which means we will give away 5pcs Scan Reader Pen (which worth $199). And ONLY one winner can get the $500 prize.

*Time for submit application?
Jan 5th,2022- Jan 10th,2022

Please fill out below form to submit your application. 👇👇




After we pick 5 influencers for the event, products will be sent to them for creating videos, and the influencer can keep the product after the video is done.


 *Requirement for the video.

  1. Videos should be created with 1 week after arrival.
  2. Content should be positive.
  3. Influencers should include NEWYES Scan Reader in the video.
  4. Content should be original and creative.
  5. Tag our account.


*Criteria for deciding the winner

- To ensure fairness, all videos should be uploaded at the same time. ( We will send email to inform the upload time.)

- The video that wins the most LIKES in 3 days is the WINNER.


*When to announce the WINNER?

- The next business day after we know the winner!


Know more about NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3